Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tagged: author meme

I've been tagged by Charley over at Bending Bookshelf for this author meme.

I'm a relative novice with the tagging as well (and had mixed success with my last attempt), so I appreciate Charley including me! (And hope I'll be forgiven for not tagging others this time around.)

Regular readers of this blog will find no surprises here, but for those who haven't heard my favourites before, here we go:

1. Who's your all-time favorite author and why?
Based on sheer numbers of books by a single author in my collection, it would be JK Rowling, and - as storytellers go - she definitely rates up there. However, on literary quality, I'm still sticking with Markus Zusak. I just love everything he's written, across young adult and adult fiction.

2. Who was your first favorite author, and why?
Sadly, it was probably Carolyn Keen, the psuedonym used by the collective authors who penned the Nancy Drew series. I also loved Elyne Mitchell's Silver Brumby series (so much so, that I - and I'm ashamed to say this - failed to return one of those books to the library when I changed schools. I still have it, and still feel guilty .... but clearly not enough to send it back after all these years!)

3. Who’s the most recent addition to your list of favorite authors, and why?
A dead heat between Meg Rosoff and Peter Temple, for different reasons: Rosoff because of her haunting narrative style, and Temple for his excellent characterisations, witty turn of phrase and excellent dialogue. I'm also keen to read Mark Abernethy's next offering (yes, I still have a penchant for blokey fiction.)

4. If someone asked you who your favorite authors were right now, which authors would first pop out of your mouth? Are there any you’d add on a moment of further reflection?
Immediately: Peter Temple, Meg Rossoff
On reflection: will get back to after I've reflected!


Gustav said...

Dear Paula

You have listed a few authors I have never read including your favourite Markus Zusak.

I need to pick up one of his books.

Paula Weston said...

Hi Gustav,

Thanks for your comments again this week. I always enjoy hearing from you.

Yes, I think you'll enjoy Zusak's work. I would recommend starting with The Book Thief, which is his most critically acclaimed work. His three young adult books are also outstanding, and each play around with intersting styles of narrative. They are very "Australian" in content, however, whereas The Book Thief is more universal in its voice and tone. I guess it depends on the experience you're after. Let me know what you think when you get a chance to read one of his books.

Bec C said...

Hmmmm, tricky... Fave author - like you, JK Rowling probably rates a mention. I do have quite a lot of Jane Austen on the shelf too...and Douglas Adams...
First Favourite author - does Dr Suess count?! Otherwise it would be whoever wrote the Trixie Belden books! New favourite author - have just finished The Time Traveler's Wife and loved it, so Audrey Niffeneger has just been added. Authors to pop out of my mouth - Tolkein, Austen, Rowling- God, I'm such a cliche!

Paula Weston said...

Bec C - there's a reason they're classics! No cliches there.

Nice to have you back in the blogging world.